We’re also halfway through 2013

For some reason, I hardly ever think about doing anything on this website (or any other websites I also have). I suppose I’m never remembering that I’ve got such a interesting things to write about *hmmmm*.

When I think of my last post (around my last birthday), I was telling you that they were telling me that I was going to stop having chemo (after a whole year of it), and that since it didn’t do anything for me, I guess I was perfectly happy to quit that stuff.

Bad thing about that was that after a couple more MRI’s in 2013, after a few months they told me that I had more brain cancer added to my existing bunch. So guess who had to get back into a stronger version of chemo again? Let me guess. I guess my ‘new’ version of chemo may be them saying that this bunch of chemo will take care of the new cancer, unlike the older version that it hadn’t worked for. Now I’ll wait for a couple of months for another MRI to see whether this chemo will do something.

smalltattoo-optInstead of giving a shit about all of it, I decided that I’d have a tattoo. Yes, a tattoo that I had put onto my back, right below the scar where they operated on to remove the lung cancer where I had the bottom of my lung right side. For some reason, even though it’s been about a month for the tattoo, I also started thinking that maybe I’ll add a Sagittarius tattoo added below that tattoo, since the Sagittarius archer would be shooting the ‘F___ Cancer’ tattoo idea. I dunnno, I may or may not do this, but for sure it would at least find it amusing to do that.

Anyway, I’m gonna stop posting anything, more because I’m starving and need some breakfast. I woke up around 6:00am and it’s past 9:00am, so I won’t mention how much my stomach is growling looking for some food. Maybe I’ll write about something interesting. Ok, maybe life is not overly interesting.

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50 is the new 30-something Toronto woman, unemployed cubicle hugger, mother to two, grandmother to one, happily attached, loves to shop.
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  1. Janice says:

    I love the Sagittarius archer tattoo idea – you should totally get it! I’m really sorry to hear about everything you’re going through – I miss your posts, and photography from around Toronto. I hope that this round of Chemo kicks cancers ass!
    Hugs and best wishes,
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