Why Not Write Every 6 Months?

Yes it’s almost 6 months since I wrote anything here. I can only say that the reason is mostly because I’m not posting a lot anywhere (except Facebook or Twitter), not because I have nothing to say.

If you want the latest news about my brain cancer, it is as follows: I’m now on chemo every day since they had switched me to a high level for one week a month and it didn’t do anything. So they changed it to a lower level, but every day, and when I went in last time they said there was a change, they said that the cancer in one spot was down about 20% *woohoo!*.

The only bad thing is that I also ended up in the hospital about a month ago and then found out that I now also have lung cancer. Thanks body for switching me around a bit, wouldn’t wanna get stuck with just a boring brain cancer when I could get more in a totally different spot.

Right now I’m going to different hospitals for different tests. I guess that’s where they’ll find out what they’ll be doing with me next. What I found out was that if it was only Level 1, I’d only have to have surgery, Level 2, surgery and chemo, Level 3, surgery, chemo and radiation.

I did say to them, “since I’m already on chemo for the brain cancer, I guess I wouldn’t have to be on chemo for lung cancer”, but they told me that, ‘yes, it’s a different chemo’ so I’d have to be on both. How exciting can life get?

So my final testing in lung cancer is this week, down at the hospital with some bronchial thing going down my throat. I guess it’ll be at least another week before they make an appointment with me to tell me what the results are and what I’ll be having to do for that one. As far as I know I just continue my brain cancer pills every hour in the evening.

Do I feel good? I find myself feeling more tired. I actually had a nap during the day yesterday. I allowed it and I usually don’t allow that stuff cuz I want to wait for bedtime, but yesterday (and today) I’ve been feeling so tired, almost as if things are taking over my eyes to shut them off. Too bad my appointment this week takes place at 7:30 a.m. – that means I’ll only have to wake about by 6:00 a.m. if I don’t want a shower.

I just want things to feel more normal so I can stop even thinking about this stuff. And I hope they were telling reality when they said death in this is usually during a coma or happens after sleep.

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50 is the new 30-something Toronto woman, unemployed cubicle hugger, mother to two, grandmother to one, happily attached, loves to shop.
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  1. Matt says:

    I hope you recover :/

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