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Yes, I’m hardly ever writing here any more. That’s probably cuz I’m so busy writing 140-letter twitter updates. Go ahead and try to write something that’s only 140 letters, that’s work. In the meantime, I have all those Facebook games to play. I’m getting a little carried away with the amount I’m playing, even though some of them bore me. But I feel bad if I don’t go in and do the latest since there are so many people connected to me just so they can have a good amount of neighbours in their own games – they need me sending gifts :)

The latest update for me is that I’ve been off work for a few weeks and probably don’t go back for a couple more weeks. I had gone back to work after the brain tumour news. I think I was there for about a week and a half when one day I didn’t feel good, called my snookey to come take me home and then laid down underneath my desk. I didn’t want to put my head down on my desk cuz I thought it would just bring people over and maybe throw out my back, so I thought it would be good to lay under my desk and just take it easy til he arrived.

That was the biggest mistake ever. People on my floor saw me, came over to ask how I was. I told them I wasn’t feeling good and was just waiting to go home. Well then they called the first aid team (those who’ve had the same training I’ve had) and they came over to check my pulse (which they couldn’t find – not trained too well), leave me with a sitter (this loudmouth girl at work who I don’t like too much) and call an ambulance. I told them not to call an ambulance but they did anyway.

The ambulance arrived and did all their tests, including checking pulse, blood pressure, and sticking my finger for a blood test. I don’t know that they found anything wrong but they were going to whisk me off to the hospital.

I refused to go with them. And during that time my snookey arrived to pick me up. Since the ambulance was there, he told me to go with the ambulance. I guess he was scared that something was seriously wrong with me again, but, me being the person that I am, still refused to go in the ambulance. Luckily the ambulance said they couldn’t kidnap me, so I told my snookey to take me home where I took it easy for the afternoon.

In the meantime the HR department emailed me to tell me that this company they deal with to deal with employees and any bad health would be contacting me. They also sent me forms that I’d have to have a doctor fill out before I went back to work.

So I made a doctor’s appointment with my ‘family’ doctor… one who I see fairly often but she was no family doctor to me, just a doctor in a clinic where I would go now and then. I knew she wouldn’t be able to fill out these forms cuz WTF did she know about this brain tumour stuff? Nothing.

I went to see her, she said she’d order all the reports from the hospital and then she might be able to fill out the forms since my doctor’s appointment with the other neurologist who found out about the tumour (and took my driver’s license) is not until September something, after he’s returned from vacation.

So she thinks the medical reports will arrive sometime this week, so that says to me that I’ll see her some time next week and then I guess go back to work the week after.

It seems to be a crazy time for me, although I have gotten quite used to being home. I have lots more work to do while I’m home… making jewellery and getting all the jewellery ready for a show I’m doing in September, but I could also clean up the computer room which is the biggest mess in the house with paperwork everywhere along with beads and magazines and half-finished stuff that I’ve already made.

I’m concerned that when I get back to work they may be planning on getting rid of me. If so, I’m going to have to contact a lawyer to see that they’re giving me enough money since I can’t see a lot of other people hiring me, especially if I have to tell them I have a brain tumour.

So I guess I’ll have to write an update when it happens. I had the MRI+GAD scan on Friday and let me tell you, you better hope you never have to have that on your head. That’s the worst kind of test I’ve ever had. While they put in earplugs and flaps over your ear it doesn’t matter. You still have a really loud shitload of different sounds going through your head and I think it lasts at least half an hour. I’m hoping they don’t have to do this on a regular basis to check to see if the tumour has grown. What about an x-ray? They’re nice and quiet.

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3 Responses to WTF is new

  1. Matt says:

    I hope your brain tumour doesn’t turn out to be a glioma or anything nasty :-] Get well

  2. jafer says:

    Thanks, Matt. I hope so. Now you’ve made me want to google glioma :)

  3. jafer says:

    Hi Matt. After my appointment today, I just learned that it ‘is’ glioma which I never would have even known about if you hadn’t commented about it. So it wasn’t good news. I’m not thrilled (maybe a little depressed).
    jafer recently posted..Latest Brain Tumour UpdateMy Profile

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