The Vacation Store Review

Got a call from a telemarketer the other day telling me that I had won one of five prizes. I didn’t have to buy anything, nothing required on my part, just go to this location at 216 Chrislea Road out in Woodbridge for the draw and watch a presentation from a ‘travel’ company.

Even though we knew it was probably a scam, I thought, “what the heck, might as well” and took down all the information. I was guaranteed to win one of these:

  1. 50″ plasma tv RCA
  2. $1000 cash
  3. All inclusive royal caribbean cruise including 2 weeks accommodation, flight included
  4. 1 week at Hilton Head, South Carolina for two, including airfare, meals
  5. 8 days in Orlando, Florida or Cancun, Mexico for whole family (up to 8-10 people he told us), private Ramada Inn suite including meals, airfare and flights are not included in this package

I told my snookey right then that the ‘prize’ we’d win would be the trip to Florida or Mexico where we had to pay our own flight. However, all I had to do was to go to The Vacation Store location dressed in business casual attire, fill out the gift claim form (see Barbara, he said), show them two pieces of ID, make sure I showed up with my husband, and enjoy a complementary dinner and watch the presentation for one hour (say one and a half hours to be sure).

We were all excited about the presentation. Maybe they’d talk us into some fabulous vacation package. We showered up, dressed in business attire and headed off to God’s country out at Hwy. 7 and Weston Road – quite a hike.

They’d called us about an hour before we left to confirm whether we’d like chicken or roast beef for dinner. We both chose chicken – figured you can’t screw that up as much as roast beef.

We arrived early but were told not to show up til 6:20, so we waited a bit in the car.

We approached the desk where a couple of skanky young girls in cheap clothes glared at us. We showed ID, filled in a form. On the form they asked when our last vacation was. I wrote down that it was 13 years ago and that, obviously, vacations weren’t that important to us.

On the front of the form, where they listed all the prizes, I drew an arrow to that ‘vacation package where you have to pay for your own flight’, and put a little note that said, “this is the ‘prize’ we’ll win”.

A couple of the skags came over to us a couple of times to ask about our last vacation and whether or not we ‘planned’ to take a vacation soon. I said we had nothing planned (but that didn’t mean we wouldn’t take a vacation if something great came up). As a matter of fact, I’d love to take one of those Alaskan cruises – or any cruise for that matter.

They shuffled my snookey and me off to a room to wait to draw our winning ticket. What do you know? We drew the ‘vacation package where you pay for your own airfare’. Then they thanked us and told us we could leave.

Scuze me? Leave? Where’s our dinner? Where’s our presentation? How much did it cost me in gas to get to Woodbridge and I’m not even getting my chicken?

And that prize we won… we’d only have to pay a $14 processing fee to ensure that the prize would be available to us for a year. Send your cheque and a self-addressed stamped enveloped (they’re so cheap that they won’t even mail out your certificate, you’ve got to pay for the stamp yourself) to:

1673853 Ontario Inc.
7700 Pine Valley Drive, Box 72029
Woodbridge ON L4L 2X0 (registered mail not accepted)

Do you think we were racing to send our $14 (and stamped envelope) to hold a vacation package for one year? We were not. Especially not after seeing the terms and conditions on the rear side of the offer:

The Vacation StoreFunny, not once did they mention to us that our 7 consecutive nights of vacation would be 4 nights in Orlando and 3 nights in Daytona Beach or St. Petersburg.

And on the phone we were told that the package was good for up to 8-10 people, in the terms it tells us two adults and three children staying in the same room.

Did you happen to notice that it says, “airfare, transporation, hotel taxes, administrative fees and services charges, meals, roll away beds, etc. and items of a personal nature are not included in this offer and ‘arte’ the responsibility of the user. Florida room/country taxes, administrative fees and service charges are paid in advance of confirmation”.

What a prize! How come I’m not coughing up $14 for that?

I won’t forget to mention that, when I was unemployed, I took a telemarketing job where it was my job to sell these ‘vacation packages where you just pay for the airfare’. I actually sold one to a couple planning their honeymoon. I felt so bad at that job, I quit the next day.

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  1. Dan says:

    Just got a call from the most Hindu sounding “Fred” who told me I won a vacation by filling out a ballot (something I never do) and kept insisting that I need to go somewhere in woodbridge to collect my prize. I told him that I am scared of flying, get car sick and have a phobia of trains (all lies) so a vacation is impossible. He told me that I could transfer the vacation to anyone else and that I should give him a friend’s phone number so that he could give “my” vacation to him/her. I asked him to hold on for a sec while I lookup someone’s phone number and placed him on an indefinate hold…

  2. JD says:

    Went through the same experience as everyone else, but the funniest bit was he kept asking to confirm my marital status. He thought I had a spouse, and when I corrected him, he asked again, and then asked if I had a significant other. When I confirmed that I was single, I’m pretty sure he hung up on me.

  3. Tom says:

    Just got the same call, this time from 1-905-856-1173

  4. karrie says:

    yup, knew i would get the trip that required extra fees and airfare BUT didn’t even get that. given a coupon but when we registered it nothing ever materialized.

    i will say, though, that the dinner was really good and the people were extremely friendly but not worth the time or effort

  5. Sue says:

    I’ve read through all of the comments here and I can understand people being skeptical. I got a call from them today and of course am doing research. Perhaps they are scammers but in all the comments here, not one person has claimed that they attended the gift ceremony and did not receive the gift! How do we know they are scammers if no one here was actually scammed? Has anyone other than me checked their rating on the Better Business Bureau? I just did and they have a rating of B which is actually quite good. It’s wise to be safe but I just think some people may be a bit too quick to make the assumption that it’s a scam.

  6. JOE says:

    Sue, why don’t you try that? I got a call from them today, then search the address from google, finally come here, thanks god.

  7. Darren says:

    Hi everyone,

    I also received ” the call ” from these scammers, and they truly are a bunch of scam artists.

    The Company in Florida ” Vacations of the Future” does not exsist ! I have spent hours and hours looking into the legitimacy of this travel company. it is only a registered company in name only… no phone number… no real address. The address online is a cover. Think about it, how many Travel Agencies could survive without a phone???? Seriously you guys… do a little research and you will find the same things.


    DONT DO IT !!!!!

  8. Cassandra says:

    I just got a call from them too. The number they called from was 90-700-561-7659. Gave the same speech about filling out a form back in December, and when I couldnt remember filling out a form, he told me that they have them in a bunch of shopping malls. When he found out I was under 26 and couldnt claim the “prize” he kept insisting that I was able to transfer the prize to someone else in my family who is married and over 26.

    When I told him I wasnt interested in this, he got upset and told me he would call me back tomorrow.

  9. SAL says:

    They are scammers dont’t believe the garbage they tell you They call you with all kinds of area codes When I answered my the phone an Indian guy told me a manager will call me sue enough 716 area code as soon as I said is this a scam he hung up the phone

  10. Adi Barbu says:

    I got the same call, from Michael from 647 286 0018

  11. Carl Smith says:

    SuiteLife Vacations has called me a couple times telling me I won prize (I get to choose from two or three) and must show up with my spouse to their office in Woodbridge to claim my prize.

    They used the phone numbers 716-332-6622 and 647-286-0018

    I immediately thought it was a scam and it looks like I was right.

  12. illumina says:

    I got this call last Friday as well… and like everyone else… we go through the whole routine on the phone with.. Ballot winner and talk with the manager… I told him to sent me email confirmation… and he did… what kind of legit company have Gmail account?…… May be there are some smaller company would have gmailaccount.. but would you spend $15000 on a Gmail email company??
    here is the content of the email regarding the appointment
    Hope you are doing well,

    As per our conversation on the phone, These are the day & time we have available for you,
    for more concern you can contact me at 773-747-4008

    Ext 150

    Rob Marshall

    This Week Schedules:-

    Thursday 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

    Friday 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

    Kindly Check your schedules and let me know the best day and time according to your convenient so that I can make the arrangements for your prize.

    Thank You,

    Suitelife Vacations
    690 Rowntree Dairy Rd.
    Suite 201
    Woodbridge ON L4L 5T7

    so after reading this site… I sent him and email link to this site and ask “Do I get the dinner atleast?” … and no response since lol

    If they are a legit…atleast they would try to backthemself up no?


  13. Dmitriy says:

    I am not a kind of guy that reacts to “you are lucky winner!” pitches. Our visit to Suite Life office had some pre-history.
    In July I’ve been asked for a brief phone survey regarding our food-related habits and routines, about 5-6 questions like average size of our weekly food bill, whether we have a freezer, etc. For courtesy I responded at that survey.
    A month or two later I’ve been told that I am pre-selected for the next stage of marketing research; there was another survey, also mostly about the food: importance of healthy/organic, how often do we eat out, etc. They also asked whether we travel at least once in 18 months but that was it.
    Recently I was invited to presentation, I’ve been told that I & spouse are entitled for “4 course Italian dinner” and a “chance to win a prize ~$1000 value” – from plasma TV to vacation, to cash. In return they wanted our “feedback about their products and services”. I’ve been advised to come earlier to “order which piece of chicken I want and how to cook it”.
    Yes, I should have googled the company name after receiving the invitation email. But the previous interactions with these guys mislead me into thoughts about some food-related research. I suspected there could be some strings attached to those “prizes” but I thought at least the dinner is for real.
    Yes, I know there is no free dinner, I expected they might want to test-drive some new products on real customers, or ask more questions to collect the statistics, or maybe to sell us some appliances or cookware. After all I was curious how does this long story end.

    The rest is well described in previous posts. Just would add that “4 course Italian dinner” turned to be cold leftovers, probably from previous presentations. One of few trays had some pieces of fried chicken (mostly wings), the rest were empty – help yourself. Likely the same applies to their product –advertisement vs. reality.
    I had previous experience with companies trying to sell us a timeshare – they looked more credible, at least they honestly fulfilled their promise and we spent a night or two in their resorts.
    On the way back there was a “prize” draw, the number of our ticket fell into the range “winning” the vacation offer. I bet all tickets in the drum would fell in that range. I registered the #, let’s see what’s next – any payment request will be a stopping point.
    Beware of innocent-looking surveys.

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